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In May, you met the mamas, and now we're excited to raise a glass to the papas of Far Niente!

Toast the men of the hour with gifts as extraordinary as they are. Not sure where to start? We asked just a few of the dads across our Far Niente Family of Wineries & Vineyards teams to share the Father's Day traditions that mean the most to them, as well as their picks for Dad-approved wine gifts. Discover their Father's Day wine hints. Then find more inspiration in our new Father's Day wine gift shop.

Nickel & Nickel Winemaker Joe Harden

Joe Harden, Nickel & Nickel Winemaker

How are you planning to celebrate Father's Day this year?

While a trek out to the coast with my wife and son sound pretty epic, we'll probably make it a low-key Father's Day at home this year. We'll toast the recent birth of our baby girl -- she's already got dad wrapped around her finger -- and get in some solid grilling time. A great porterhouse from Flannery Beef and grilled artichokes will definitely be on the menu.

We have some exciting new gifts in our Father's Day gift shop! Any of them catching your eye?

I obviously love to barbecue, so the new Nickel & Nickel cedar grilling planks check all the boxes for me. Salmon grilled on cedar is such a solid flavor match, and cedar's also a great finishing plank for some of my favorite cuts of beef. Throw in an etched bottle of Nickel & Nickel DeCarle Vineyard Cabernet, and I'm set!

Winemaker Greg Allen

Greg Allen, Dolce Winemaker

How are you planning to celebrate Father's Day this year?

Because self-care is high on my list, this Father’s Day I will plug in my guitar and let the neighborhood know that I am home. When finished and my family is ready to talk to me again, I will re-read The Gift by Li-Young Lee to search for new meanings, but mostly just to enjoy these thoughtful words as I think of my dear father who recently passed. Lastly, aside from exercising my rights and privileges to control the menu - filet mignon, portobello risotto, and sauteed kale with Far Niente's Oakville Estate Cabernet Sauvignon, followed by a peach cobbler with the 2008 Dolce, I will reflect upon my father’s example of unconditional love and his kindness as I try to model that to my children.

Have you peeked inside our new Father's Day gift shop?

I have! And while the Dolce and Caviar is truly amazing and may seem like the obvious choice for me, I would actually go for the Kenefick Ranch Cab & Woodhouse chocolates.

Nat B Family Photo

Nat Bandel, Private Client Services Concierge & WSET 3 Certified Wine Educator

What are some of your favorite Father's Day food and wine traditions?

I love to grill! One of my grilling wine and food favorites is the 2019 Nickel & Nickel Sullenger Vineyard Cabernet and a thick rib eye. The marbling of the meat and the accompanying salt and pepper rub pair perfectly with Sullenger’s silky-smooth tannins. Of course, enjoying precious time with friends and family is what really keeps my heart warm, and Father’s Day means more to me than ever before. I have a 14 month son, named Cash, along with another son on the way!

Anything piqued your interest in our Father's Day shop?

I would LOVE to receive the Nickel & Nickel cedar grilling planks. And, if you could throw in the Taste of Oakville gift set, then I would be in grillin’ heaven.

Michael Accurso, EnRoute and Post & Beam Winemaker

What are some of your favorite Father’s Day food and wine traditions?

Since fathers day usually lands around Salmon season heating up, the wine and food traditions usually land with a nice bottle of Pinot and a fresh caught King Salmon. Sauvignon Blanc is also a nice pairing with King Salmon.

What does Father’s Day mean to you?

Father’s day is a good way to realize how important your family is to you, as my father was to me, be the best person I can be for my kids. I’ll be spending this Father’s Day with my favorite people, my wife, son and new daughter. We will likely go on a nice hike and have a couple glasses of wine to top off the day

Have you had a chance to browse our Dad’s Day shop?

I have, and I would definitely love to get the cedar grilling plank. I mean come on, like I said its SALMON SEASON!!!

Todd Elliott, Private Client Services Concierge (and your favorite Hosted at Home emcee!)

What does fatherhood mean to you?

It’s my first Father’s Day as a dad myself, so I am definitely excited! Being a first time father at 43, it's something that I truly didn't expect to ever have. As soon as I saw my son, I already knew that he is the most important person in my life, for the rest of my life. Being a dad makes me want to be better, because he deserves the best of everything-including in a father. Full stop.

Any gifts catch your eye in our Father's Day shop?

I am so excited to try the Cabernet and Cured Meats duet. I will honestly sometimes pick a place for dinner based upon the charcuterie selections! I am originally from the Midwest, so a stick of meat and a bottle of single-vineyard Cabernet is a delicious meal for me! That sounds amazing.

Rugged yet Refined. Powerful and Polished. Adventurous but Steadfast. He’s the picture of duality, and so are our best Father’s Day wines and gifts. From the ultimate golfer's Cabernet to artisanal food and wine duets, find just what he loves in our Father's Day Wine Shop.

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