Cajun Ribeye Steak and Far Niente Cabernet


What could be better than flavorful steaks paired with the robust 2009 Far Niente Cabernet? We’re excited to share this easy recipe from our friends at Chicago Cut Steakhouse. David Flom, managing partner at Chicago Cut, says, “This is a strong vintage that needs a rib eye with some spice to stand up to the wine!”

Plan ahead: these steaks benefit from a full 48-hour soak in the marinade, so mix up the spices, make room in your fridge, and invite some from friends over—two days from now.

Cajun Ribeye Steak

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1 rounded cup cayenne pepper

1 rounded cup chili powder

1 cup ground black pepper

1 cup ground white pepper

¾ cup paprika

½ cup garlic powder

½ cup onion powder

¼ rounded cup kosher salt

¼ cup dry thyme

¼ cup dry oregano

¼ cup dry basil

4 prime 35-day dry-aged ribeye steaks

4 large onions, peeled and coarsely chopped

1 gallon vegetable oil

6 ounces butter


Mix all spices together in a large mixing bowl. Once mixed, reserve two tablespoons and set aside.

Take 1 steak and insert into the bowl of mixed spices. Gently poke holes in both sides of the steak with a large fork, careful to go only halfway into the steak, allowing the spices to get into the meat on both sides. Repeat with the remaining steaks. Be sure to coat the steaks well with the spice mixture.

Take a large, clear container and add half of the chopped onions and fill halfway with salad oil. Place the steaks in the container, add the remainder of the chopped onions and completely cover with salad oil. Place container in refrigerator and allow steaks to marinate for 48 hours.

After the steaks are fully marinated, gently heat up the butter in a small sauce pan until it becomes a clear liquid and stir in 2 tablespoons of the reserved Cajun spice. Grill steaks to desired doneness and place on serving platter. Gently brush the heated spice and butter mixture over the steaks.

Click here for a printable pdf

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