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April 's Hosted at Home Celebrates Earth Day & Vineyard Biodversity


April 's Hosted at Home Celebrates Earth Day & Vineyard Biodversity

It’s officially spring, buds are unfurling across ALL of our vineyards, Earth Day is around the corner and we’re spending the month celebrating biodiversity … in our vineyards and at our wineries (did you know we’re a certified Napa Green winery?).

In fact, our April Hosted at Home hosts include one of our biggest advocates for environmental stewardship, Director of Vineyard Operations John McCarthy.

From Far Niente’s still-revolutionary floating solar voltaic panels to our new woolly weed-eaters, John’s excited to share what we've been up to in our Napa and Russian River Valley vineyards. He’s even ready to break down the differences between biodynamic, organic and sustainable.

“I find that there’s no single program that offers a one-size-fits-all solve for nurturing, sustaining, rebuilding and protecting our environment. Instead, we have an opportunity to pull the best from all of them. Even biodynamics, with its full-circle ecosystem, allows for some pesticides, John says. He adds that, “Neither biodynamics nor organics factor reducing greenhouse gas emissions or water conservation into their certifications. And those are two extremely important goals for us.”

While John says we have a long way to go, he’s clearly excited about laying a strong foundation for sustainability at ALL of our wineries. And we are, too!

John will be joined by our virtual tasting pro, Heather Gunn, whose volunteer work for Napa Wildlife Rescue and other community education and outreach programs, makes her a biodiversity champion in her own right. Be sure to zoom in on April 15, at 5:30 PM Pacific, for the dirt on our vineyards.

Planning to uncork one – or all – of the wines in your April Hosted at Home shipment? We’ve shared some of our favorite local - organic, sustainably farmed – cheeses and charcuteries, here, with tips on how to pair them. Inspired by the golden mustard blooming among our vines, we also created this mustard-crusted beef tenderloin recipe. Slice it thin and top it with a classic red wine shallot sauce. Then, fill your glasses with the luscious, briary fruit flavors and cocoa-spice accents of our Bella Union Cabernet Sauvignon and let the evening unfold. Salut!

Owl and Raptor Boxes at Far Niente

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